Full Radius Dance was founded in 1990 by professional dancer Douglas Scott. The company started as a “traditional” dance company for professional dancers. In 1993, Douglas Scott began teaching dance classes for persons with physical disabilities; the dance classes were unique because the classes taught dance as art rather than dance as therapy. The word “disability” is not part of the brand because Full Radius Dance believes that all human bodies are perfect, and all individuals should use their bodies to experience dance. Watching these dancers perform inspired us to create a brand that truly reflected the strength and beauty of this unique and talented company. We created comprehensive brand differentiating Full Radius Dance from its competitors. Our rebrand is artistic, motivational, powerful, passionate, innovative, but most of all reflects the welcoming nature of Full Radius Dance. This includes a graceful logo inspired by movement, correspondence collateral, merchandise and specialty items such as performance tickets, car magnets, tour bus wraps and a pop-up dance studio to take performances on the road. We also kept communication with Douglas Scott in order to get permission, footage, and most of all his insight. We expanded advertising to medias beyond internet and social media and also strategized to display the rebrand publicly in local areas and at related regional events. Our diverse team was even able to design and develop multimedia spots to increase awareness and promote dance to individuals of all physical abilities and skill levels.