A teaching kit made for middle school grade students to teach them about outer space. I lead a team of 4 other designers in order to create box sets of interactive educational materials. My box is focused on measuring time using the Sun, Moon, and Earth. It includes 3 activities and instructions for the teacher. As the project leader I was responsible for budgeting, organization, time management, and overall cohesion for my team. Since I had to accommodate very different styles and projects I felt that the overall look and presentation of the activities were of the highest priority. A cohesive look for our packaging was key. Our team had to work within strict sizing for the boxes and the poster. I created extensive guides, branding standards, supplied materials, stayed within budget and made sure deliverables were continuously completed on schedule. Since the boxes helped maintain a cohesion in the presentation of our kits my concept for the poster was aimed at showcasing the variety in our art styles. The poster also displays key points from each of our subjects and also works as an interactive piece that spins to highlight the lesson plan for the day.